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The magic of the Internet reveals many secrets, one of them is whom is searching for what. ‘Sharks Teeth’ is one of the most frequented searches that leads you to my blog, so here’s the deal. I’ll tell you where to find lots of fossilized shark’s teeth and you buy my book, yes?

Okay, so here is my end of the bargain…

Just south of Venice Beach (west central Florida) is a small beach on Manasota Key named… well, you guessed it, Manasota Beach. It is one of the few beaches left in Florida that has free parking. It’s a wonderful little spot that is known by locals (who are probably mad at me for telling you about this) with the distinct charm that the old Florida beach’s have to offer.

Here it is, Manasota Beach

Beautiful white sand, lots of seashells, calm surf… It’s what I really love about living in Florida. No high-rises or blaring traffic noise. Just a nice beach.

There are public restrooms and a place to change clothes. It is an amazingly short walk from the parking lot to the beach. Bring the kids and the metal detector for a little added fun.

The teeth are easy to spot once you develop an eye for them. They like to hide among the numerous shells that are there for the taking as well. The shells can make some very pretty decorations in the home, only limited by your imagination.

Here is the mixture of shells and teeth, is this great or what!

Just start poking through the shells and sand. You will start to find the teeth easily after a little bit. One of the best times is after a good blow from offshore. New material has washed up and is ready for sorting!

Told ya, just a short walk to the beach.

This little pile took about an hour to gather.

There was even a bonus quarter here which can be applied to the purchase of a really great book!

So, get digging and start your collection of fossilized Florida shark’s teeth. Then click on the book link and get yourself a really great novel to take to the beach with you the next time you head out for some teeth, or just a relaxing day on the beach.

Once you finish the first novel, let me know what you would like to see in the sequel. I’m about halfway through with it and our hero is into some pretty exciting stuff. Then maybe, just maybe… I’ll tell you where to get the shrimp!


Here’s the book link!

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